Email the Receipt to A Walk In Customer

  • Enter the customers email address and click OK
    Change the Receipt Print Mode from Printer to Email (or both)
  • That's it the receipt will be emailed when it's saved.

Email the Receipt to a Customer

If the customer's preferred receipt delivery mode is email and you have an email address for the customer - there's nothing to do - the receipt will be emailed.

If the customer's preferred receipt delivery is print you can always change the receipt print mode and enter an email address.


Tip: If you enter the customers email address on the receipt it will be saved to the customer record for next time! Except for the 'Walk In' customer which does not save email addresses.

Settings that Effect This

Most systems are configured to use MicroBiz's SendGrid account. If you choose to you can use your own SMTP server or account.

  • From Store Operations >> System >> Manage Company >> Email Tab

  • Make sure you have an SMTP server user and password defined.

    There is a test form at the bottom of the screen.