MicroBiz offers the ability to sell fractional quantities of an item.  This is great for billing time by the hour (1,25 hours at $125/hour) or selling things by weight (2.62 lbs @ $15/lb).

This can be set up by individual item or service.  Just open a product record (can be either an inventory or non-inventory item) and go to the Settings tab.  Check the box "Quantity Uses Decimals".  This will allow you to add fractional units when selling the item.

To show how this works, when an item marked 'Quantity Uses Decimals' is added to a transaction, the quantity field becomes editable to the 100th decimal place.  Simply type in the fractional quantity sold and the extended price will automatically be calculated and displayed as the unit price times the fractional quantity sold.

In this case, the retailer is selling 1.25 hours of labor at $75 per hour.  The calculated extended price is $93.75.  This can be used for both non-inventory/service items as well as inventory items.