What does the MicroBiz Quickbooks integration do?

MicroBiz updates your QuickBooks using your register close out. Sales, Sales tax, and Cost of Goods sold are all updated along with any customer liabilities like order deposits, store credits and gift cards.


How are MicroBiz sales posted to my QuickBooks ? 

Once the Register is closed out for the day the various activity and payments  can be posted to QuickBooks from Manage Register Batches. Simply click the Post button and QuickBooks will be updated.


What are ‘Customer Liabilities? 

MicroBiz ‘Register’ module allows the retailer to take deposits on special orders and repairs as well as issue and use Store Credits and sell and redeem Gift Cards. All of these activities are tracked as customer liabilities. This activity is posted to your QuickBooks General Ledger and will show on your Balance Sheet reports.

There are no Tax Rates visible in the setup wizard? 

You must manually create your tax rates and rules in MicroBiz before you run the setup wizard.


How do I post my register close out to QuickBooks ? 

From Store Operations >> Sales >> Manage Register Batches click the green ‘Post’ button and the register activity will be posted to QuickBooks.