How to Post Sales to QuickBooks

Your register must be closed. Quick close will not work you will have to finish closing in Manage Register Batches before the ‘Post’ button will appear to the right of the batch.

1. Go to Sales >> Manage Register Batches and Click the green Post button to the right of your batch. – your register closeout is posted to QuickBooks.

What it Does

When you post a closed register batch to QuickBooks from MicroBiz Cloud POS

· Your QuickBooks Sales Tax is updated – so you can manage all payments to your Tax Agency through QuickBooks.

· Sales and cost of goods and inventory are updated in QuickBooks so your store activity is visible immediately in your P&L reports.

· Payments taken at the register: cash, checks, credit cards are reflected in whatever accounts you designate – for cash and checks you may want to post to un-deposited funds while credit cards you may wish to post direct to your checking account.

Order deposits, store credits issued and Gift Cards sold all reflect in your customer liabilities and your customer liabilities are automatically reduced when orders are delivered, gift cards are redeemed and store credits used as payments. This activity shows immediately in your Balance Sheet report. 

Sales Tax Center in QuickBooks is updated with sales and tax collected

Payments taken at the register are posted to your accounts. In the example below credit cards are posted to the checking account while cash & checks are posted to undeposited funds.


Customer Liability activity is posted - this includes Gift Cards purchased and redeemed, store credits issued and redeemed as well as order deposits taken, deposits refunded and deposits converted to final sales. Converted deposits are listed on the MicroBiz Register Closeout Report as 'Deposit Credits'

Sales are posted to QuickBooks - as well as cost of goods and inventory reduction.