If you have mass update to be done for products, product update by import is the best solution for you.

To start navigate to "Store Operations" > "Catalog" > "Manage Products" and from "More Option"s choose "Import Products".

A new page will open on your screen. 

Here, from "File Import Action" drop-down choose "Update Existing Products", after which choose to upload your CSV file.


CSV File

In your CSV file you should have columns of SKU and for the fields that you are going to update.

For example if you are going to update the retail price, in your CSV file you will need to have a column for SKU and for retail price.

Field Mapping

You can add as many fields to map as you wish by clicking on the "+ Add Field" button > add%20field.PNG

Map your SKU field to Microbiz ID field.

Select the stores you want that update has influence to.

Keep mapping the rest of the fields that you have in your CSV to Microbiz fields.

For example if you are updating retail price map your CSV retail price field to Microbiz Retail Price (tax inc) or (tax ex) field (depending what type of pricing you are using it will appear accordingly).

Also, if you are updating price, make sure to map Microbiz "Product Tax Class" field to an appropriate tax class you have already set in your system for that product.

As soon as all is done click on "Import Button" to start import or on "Test Import" to see if there are any errors before finally importing CSV.