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Ingenico ICT 250 (deprecated)

11 October 16, 2019

Global Payments and eConduit have cloud-enabled the Ingenico ICT 250 payment device.  The eConduit application will provide existing POS systems of eConduit the ability to refer new clients to Global Payments and support Canadian POS clients.


  • Ingenico ICT 250 semi-integrated device
  • eConduit app load
  • Certified eConduit POS
  • Receipt management at ICT 250 device (must certify for self printed receipts)
  • Assignment to eConduit hierarchy (057-04-727-0xx/057-05-727-0xx) – TBD

Existing Global Payment Customers:

Existing Global customer contact customer service to update or obtain an ICT 250 device with requirements above.  Once device is provided, follow procedures for new clients below. Global Payment customer service will assist with initial download of device, activation of app is handled by merchant or sales channel.

New Clients 

Work with your Global Payment sales rep, if not a Global Payment customers, email and we can refer the client to the appropriate contact.

Request the terminal (ICT 250) and eConduit application as provided above.  Once the device is received, following the steps below to activate the eConduit app and prepare for POS pairing.

Converting the device to semi-integrated mode:

  • Press the [#} key for the admin menu
  • If “Enter Admin Name” shows, enter “1” and Green button
  • If “Enter Admin Password” shows, enter “12345677F” and then Green button.  In an invalid password, STOP and contact Global for password
  • Press 9 or scroll down to [Misc. Options]
  • Press [1] or [enter] for Semi-Integrated
  • Press [1] to Enabled Semi-Integrated Menu
  • Press [F1] to turn on Semi-Integrated
  • Press [2] to enter Communication Type
  • Select [3] Ethernet
  • Enter 5020 and green button
  • Enter [3] for Receipt options
  • Select [2] for terminal (must be terminal for device to operate)
  • Hit red button until at main screen, should say Welcome/Bonjour.

eConduit App Activation:

  • On main screen, device should be in stand alone mode (screen shows Global Canada) – if device show “Welcome/Bonjour” need to switch to standard alone, click “-” in upper left hand side, confirm stand alone
  • Press the 9 Key
  • You will see “1 – eConduit”, press green key
  • Select “1-Start”, if successful, you will see “connected, and press key to continue”
  • NOTE, the device will provide you a Terminal ID, write down terminal ID for pairing with your POS. If needed, from the main eConduit menu, select “2-Print Configuration” and your terminal ID will be printed.
  • Hit red button until back at main screen showing “Global Payments”
  • Hit upper left hand button “-” to convert device to semi-integrated mode
  • Pair with your POS and use terminal ID


  • The ICT250 Terminal line does not support StatusCheck, if there is a loss of internet or non-receipt of response, client MUST look at receipt for status of transaction.
  • Receipts must be printed on ICT 250, POS is required to certify receipts to disable ICT 250 printing option/

Sample of a users settings with this model pinpad working in their store: