To setup your store information proceed to Settings >>Manage Stores as shown below.

Here we will again click on the edit icon on the right side of screen. We will then enter in all of the same required information we had for the company but instead use the information that is specific to your store (if it varies from the company’s information, if not, enter in the same information).

After completing the above, proceed to “Store Preferences”.  Here you will need to choose the appropriate Store Time Zone and Currency. After you have ensured that these values are correct, please click “Save” to complete the store setup.

Note: You can also setup Store Credit Rules in this menu. This meaning you can setup expiration dates for your store credits.

If you are a multi-store user you will have to complete the same steps above as many times as needed for new stores.  In the “Settings >> Manage Stores” area you can create a new store by clicking on “New Store”. Fill in the Store Number, Name and Short Name.  It will ask you if you’d like to copy the scope of another store.  This means that this store will have the same products, clients, etc. as the other store you pick to mirror.

If you do create multiple stores, you will also need to create registers for those stores.  In order to do so navigate to “Settings >> Manage Registers”. To create a new register click on “New Register”. Here you will be presented with a dropdown to select which store this register applies to.  After selecting the appropriate store fill in a unique name and register name for your new register.  Select any payment methods you would like to accept at this register and click “Save”.