To export your product list navigate to "Store Operations" > "Catalog" > "Manage Products".

In order to export simple variants as well, from "More Options" set "Visibility Show All", unless it will be  "Visibility Default" , only Parent SKUs will be exported.

From here navigate to "More Options" in the up right part of the screen > and choose "Export CSV" or "Export PDF".

After clicking "Export CSV" or "Export PDF" you will see the following screen "Generating Csv BackGround Process Started".

To download the generated file navigate to Settings >> Alert Module as shown below.

From here select "Product" from the left menu of your screen. At the top of the list you will see "ProductCsv" or "ProductPdf" depend on which export file type you chose. Click the eye icon on this record to expand it and you will find a download link for your file. This will download your exported product file.

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